Site Investigation Services

Due to our unique partnership with Borehole Solutions Limited, we can now offer to carry out Site Investigations for you across the length and breadth of the UK.

With a diverse and extensive fleet of drilling rigs and equipment, coupled with highly experienced personnel we can tailor a Site Investigation to your specific needs.

Window Sampling

Where access is restricted or for shallower projects we can provide window sampling equipment which can easily access basements and buildings.  Due to our extensive range of equipment and use of electric power supplies we can negate the need for ventilation entirely due to the minimal exhaust fumes created.  This enables to work quickly and with minimal disruption.  Contact us to find out more.

Concrete Coring

For sites with hard ground such as concrete, we have a variety of specialised equipment and expertise which allows us easily core through the sub-surface in preparation for comprehensive site investigations.  This ensures that no matter the ground conditions we can provide you with the investigation you require for your project.  Contact us to find out more.

Cable Percussion

For projects which require extensive bore holes we have a number of cable percussive rigs, which all have a variety of different casing sizes, which can attain much deeper bore holes.  These deeper boreholes can then be used for the installation of monitoring equipment in addition to providing the samples required to accurately assess the ground conditions. 

Do not worry about access conditions as we have the equipment to access even the most hard to reach places, even within buildings with limited headroom. 

Engineering and Reporting

All locations can be subsampled, logged and photographed (if required), either on site, or in either of our offices by an experienced Geotechnical Engineer, and logs provided in an easily accessible PDF format to be issued as part of a report. If any laboratory testing is required, we can organise the samples to be picked up and tested.  We then provide you with PDF copies of the reports, whether they be geotechnical or environmental.