All our rigs are operated by experienced drivers and fully instrumented to monitor and record the installation process.

In addition, our in-house design team are highly experienced at being able to work on all manner of projects, ranging from small individual sites to multi-million pound regeneration and new build projects.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)

CFA is one of the most widely used systems, being economical and versatile, and suitable for most ground conditions and loading requirements.  It is also one of the quietest forms of piling and is largely free from any discernible vibration.

We design and construct CFA piles from 300mm to 900mm diameter and up to a depth of 25.5m.  Our expanding fleet of CFA rigs now include an additional new LLamada P105-TT and 2 Casagrande B-175 piling rigs to help us keep up with demand and ensure that we can continue to meet and exceed our clients needs. 


As well as having a number of large CFA rigs, we also operate a number of smaller CFA rigs which are ideal for smaller projects, especially where access is restricted or tight and where piles are no more than 600mm in diameter and 10m in length. These rig are quick to set up, use less room than others to manoeuvre, and requires only a light duty piling platform.

Our Capabilities:

  • Bearing Piles

  • Tension Piles

  • Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls

  • Secant Piled Retaining Walls

Our Rig Capabilities:

  • Diameters from 300mm to 900mm

  • Depths up to 25.5 metres

  • Torque up to 16 Tm

  • Pull down up to 9 tonnes

Driven Piles 

Driven piling can be the most economical solution when noise and vibration is not an issue on site; it is most suited for softer looser soils or sites with deeper made ground.


Driven piles are a displacement piles which removes the requirement for spoil removal which is especially advantageous on contaminated sites.


We have the capabilities to install 200mm to 300mm square precast concrete piles. Where small obstructions may be present steel tube piles of diameters 140mm up to 339mm can be utilised.


These are recycled thick walled oil and gas drilling casing. Both types of piles can be used alongside each other to ensure the

correct and most economical solution.


Rotary Bored Piles

Rotary bored piling is the best-suited technique to guarantee rock sockets and drill through obstructions (natural or man-made) which CFA may not penetrate.

Rotary piling can also be advantageous for retaining walls which require tighter verticality tolerances than CFA.

Rotary bored piling can be used in any ground condition, temporary casing can be used if the soils are liable to collapse, if casing depths are impractical support fluids such as bentonite is used. We have the capabilities for piling 450mm up to 1200mm in diameter and to a depth up to 40.0 metres.


For more information please contact Tom Milner, Piling Divisional Manager, on 08448 50 20 50 or email tom.milner@allfoundations.co.uk

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