Level Innovative Piled Slab (LIPS)

Devised in-house by our expert engineers and designers, Level Innovative Piled Slabs (LIPS) is a proprietary piled raft system which provides a one-stop piling and foundations solution, resulting in a clean and safe surface for follow-on trades to commence the next stage of works above ground. 

An extremely versatile product suited to most ground engineering jobs, it lends itself well to both single and multiple plots of any size.and protects from future structural damage caused by unstable ground conditions.

It will also boost your environmental credentials through requiring fewer deliveries and less movement on site, all of which reduces your carbon footprint (see below).  

It is fully customisable, cuts out extra time and materials used for "heave protection". It can be adapted to suit varying land gradients and all ground conditions, with or without the influence of heave.

We have previously constructed LIPS for a diverse range of projects within both the public and private sectors, including housing, apartment blocks, offices, schools and hospitals.

LIPS will enable you to reduce or eliminate the following individual operations and costs:

  • Setting out

  • Design

  • Excavation and cranage

  • Spoil removal (muck away)

  • Use of proprietary anti-heave material

  • Breaking down pile heads

  • Substructure brickwork

  • Precast flooring

  • Over-site concrete

  • Delivery and waiting time for other void forming materials.

  • Supervision for all of the above

Other benefits include:

  • Effective when dealing with contaminated sites as, in addition to reduced costs, it enables landfill gas ventilation and facilitates the installation of gas proof membrane.

  • Helps preserves the surrounding environment by eradicating the need for deep excavation, allowing work to be undertaken in close proximity to trees and within root matrices without causing damage or distress.

  • Without deep excavations and associated processes such as, cranage, risk to safety is significantly reduced when compared to traditional methods, rendering it a more assured and extremely safe way of constructing foundations.


How it Works:

Our unique collapsible shuttering system, which is retrievable for future use, allows us to create voids ranging from 225mm to 300mm. 

Once the slab has sufficiently cured, the shuttering system is collapsed and removed.  The perimeter is trimmed of formwork and a suitable barrier is placed around the perimeter to prevent backfill from falling into the void.  The slab is then ready for the next trade.


Environmental benefits:

·        Reduces carbon footprint by requiring fewer transport movements on and off site, reducing vehicle emissions and people as there are fewer ground teams required.

·        Protects the environment by negating deep excavation, preserving surrounding countryside, reducing spoil removal to landfill, protecting natural habitats. All Foundations carefully plan and manage operations to minimise the ecological impact on environmentally sensitive sites and the neighbourhood.


·        Effective at revitalising contaminated sites by making it easy to design piles in a way that avoids existing obstructions on site. It is also easily adaptable in shape.

·        Reducing landfill waste by using reusable materials such as perimeter collapsible shuttering and FSC-supplied wood frames. Reusable trays and jacks can be used when carrying out voided LIPS.

·        Saving money on people costs because it is an all-weather working surface solution, saving time and reducing noise pollution.

For more information about LIPS and how it can benefit your build, contact mail@allfoundations.co.uk